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I agree entirely with your assessment of ISHPSSB. Two comments, one about ISHPSSB and one about your entry.

It seems to me that in recent years, the non-US meetings have been the really great ones. What accounts for that?

Second, I have been thinking about a virtual museum of science studies for some time and it strikes me that blogs are a useful tool for this project. One important question for a science studies museum, indeed THE question, is: what is a specimen? I'm intrigued that your blog format suggests that a blog entry might constitute a specimen-sized text: not as big as a research paper, but rather a coherent memo-sized item that may serve as a node in a web of research. What do you think?

Well, it's clear why the two European meetings (1995 and 2003) have been great; there are two reasons. First, beer. European beers are more varied than American ones, and some of them are a lot stronger. This seems to improve the quality of information flow no end.

The second reason in Werner Callebaut, who did an eye-popping amount of hard work for both meetings (Astrid J. and the KLI staff with him, for Vienna), and this made all the difference.

As for your point about specimen-sized texts-- yes. I've been listening to you. This is something like an experiment along those lines. I'm thinking about this, and I'll eventually post something.

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